From print to product design. Crafted from start to finish. Each work had its challenges and satisfying end result. Exploring and working with different fields of design and its processes is a great experience in my journey and adds more depth for inspiration than just from one creative field.

Power of the interface

Thesis about the human factors and negative trade-offs that take place with automated systems and guided user interfaces.

Chapter illustrations

The success of faiulure

Many articles about creatives are mostly about their success, I did the opposite. I wanted to know about the hurdles, mistakes and failures they encountered on their path towards their successful career. Interviews, findings and personal stories from creative professionals all put in one publication.

Mark One

Created from native Dutch wood Populus. Speaker grill is CNC milled, bended aluminium and sand blasted. Countains two 2” full range drivers powerd by a Sure class D Amplifier. The design is a nod towards the man -Dieter Rams.

Stash - housing made for your daily carry

Rejected logo marks

Unused monogram

Custom typography -poster design

Unused food icons